Our Strategy

Our desire is to reach Cambodia for Christ. Our comprehensive strategy is to educate children at every socioeconomic level, essentially changing lives and transforming the country for generations to come through Christian education.

Our Schools

Village Development Schools

Children who attend our four Village Christian Schools live in abject poverty. Because of our village Christian schools, these children have access to clean drinking water, a nutritious meal and quality education. Education provides the best chance to avoid exploitation and trafficking in the third world.

Asian Hope International School

Asian Hope International School started in 2010 and caters to the small middle class that exists there. These students will hold future mid-level government jobs and other middle class occupations such as teachers, nurses, pastors and accountants. AHIS is unique in that half of the school day is taught in English and the other half in Khmer, Cambodian’s native language.


Logos was started in 2002. Astonishingly, 51% of Logos graduates have gone on to college. This is an impressive statistic given the fact that less than 1% of Cambodians attend college or go on for any higher education.

Higher Education Leadership Program (H.E.L.P)

Part of our mission is to make sure that the future of Asian Hope is grown organically in the country. Our schools identify future leaders and give them an opportunity to receive a college education in the U.S. After being equipped with a higher education, they return to Cambodia to help fulfill the mission of changing the country for Christ.  

What can you do?

You may be asking yourself, “What can one person actually do to change a whole country?”
By educating just one child in Cambodia, you have elevated that child and their family to a unique position within Cambodian society, thus equipping them to reach and transform this nation for Christ.