Higher Education empowers. Being given the opportunity to have a college education or attend a formal training is often taken for granted. Through the HELP program we give high school graduates the chance to chase their dreams through tertiary education as well as provide adults the opportunity to pursue teaching through our Teacher Training Program.

Teacher Training Program

We want to address both sides of the educational problems in Cambodia by educating children and families as well as providing proper training to teachers to empower them to lead in environments that are often infiltrated by corruption and greed. Since many teachers in Cambodia do not have the proper training they need to be quality teachers and to teach their students well, we have established our Teacher Training Program. This is a two-year program, aimed at training teachers in urban and rural settings. This program will lead to a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree, with teacher certification.We will be able to empower even more under-schooled locals by providing a training program that equips teachers to be fully trained to teach through the lens of a Christian worldview. We have partnered with Biola University to provide professional development materials and on-site trainers and we are also partnering with Trinity Institute of Cambodia, an up and coming Christian college in Cambodia.

By educating teachers to better educate their students we are creating a cycle that will empower both children and teachers to become leaders in their communities. By providing these programs we will not only empower the locals in the communities we work in, but they will empower each other as they enter into a mutual, symbiotic relationship that will benefit generations to come.

College Program

The Higher Education and Leadership Preparation program was established to further equip the next generation of leaders in Cambodia. It began in 2005 with 3 students partaking in a year-long internship with the Denver Rescue Mission. Today, the program provides opportunities for Cambodian students to attend colleges and universities, participate in professional internships, and engage in leadership development training. Initially designed for students from the Children’s Homes, it is now open to all scholarship students from Logos International School. Each student commits to return to and serve in Cambodia to apply their new degree.