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Through the quality Christian education we provide, we are able to empower local children and adults to become leaders who will change their communities. 

Asian Hope believes that education is the best means of helping the people of Cambodia. We exist to protect, educate, and empower because we want to see a Cambodia free of societal and generational poverty.

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Village Development Program

Cambodia has one of the biggest problems with child trafficking in the world. Our catch-up schools combat this human rights issue by providing safe havens for children where they can get the knowledge they need.

  • We use education as prevention: We generate awareness among adults about trafficking and exploitation.
  • We conduct outreach programs.
  • We train local authorities on techniques for how to keep children safe in their families.
  • We partner with and help the local church extend its influence to help protect Cambodia's most important resource: its children.




Formal Schools

We know education works.  It changes lives, changes communities, and changes generations.  Our high quality schooling is fostering a new generation of Cambodians across socioeconomic lines. Whether our students set their sights on becoming the next Prime Minister of Cambodia, or simply working on a fishing boat they're getting a quality education now that will let them achieve their goals.

Our two schools, Logos International School and Asian Hope International School, are both located in Phnom Penh.




Higher Education & Leadership Preparation

Higher Education empowers.  Being given the opportunity to have a college education or attend a formal training is often taken for granted.  Through the HELP program we give high school graduates the chance to chase their dreams through tertiary education as well as provide adults the opportunity to pursue teaching through our Teacher Training Program.




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