Our Mission



Changing the future of vulnerable children in Cambodia for Christ.



Cambodia ranks 153rd out of 173 countries worldwide in the percentage of their budget given toward education.  ¹

In 2013, Cambodia was downgraded in global Trafficking in Persons Report for showing no discernible improvements in its efforts to combat human trafficking. ²



The solution isn’t easy and it isn’t quick but Asian Hope is committed to the holistic approach necessary to provide lasting, generational change.



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Asian Hope protects children and families in Cambodia by using education as prevention.  Unlike rescuing, protection is preemptive.  Asian Hope’s programs are founded on our belief that every person is created by God in His image and of equal value with every human being.


Asian Hope believes education is the catalyst of change for all and needed by all.  Education is the key to rising above extreme poverty, lack of resources, trafficking, and exploitation. We aim to create an atmosphere that allows children to be creative, energetic about learning, and responsive to a biblical worldview.



Asian Hope empowers children and families to excel in a society where very few are given opportunities to succeed.  By providing holistic education and training, we believe that people develop into productive, self-sufficient members of society.  Our hope is to see the children and families we serve influence their communities in Cambodia.

Asian Hope is an equal opportunity organization serving
over 1,250 children weekly, 47% of which are female.  
Over the last 18 months Asian Hope has distributed
1,000 uniforms, 800 backpacks and 2,500 water bottles.

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